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June 1-3, 2015

The Desmond

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Welcome Association Matters, Inc.

as our new association management company!

In October 2014, the New York MGMA selected Association Matters, Inc. [AMI] as our new association management company. We are pleased to welcome Peter Constantinou as our Administrator. His team of experts will help guide New York MGMA.

In November 2014, the Board of Directors approved the migration to a new member management system powered by Wild Apricot. Spearheading this endeavor will be AMI Operations Coordinator, Maria Stavrides. This will be the fourth successful migration led by Maria.

Since these decisions occurred just prior to the renewal time for most, if not all, New York MGMA members, the Board of Directors approved the extension of membership by two months, from December 31, 2014 to February 28, 2015. This will give the AMI Team and the Board of Directors enough time to set up the new member management system.

Not all change is bad. The changes noted above are positive for the New York MGMA and all of its local affiliate chapters. The new team will provide a different perspective and level of support needed for our Association to grow. The new system will allow members to interact more easily with one another and for us to provide you with more value-added benefits.

During this transition, please feel free to contact the Board with any concerns or to voice support of our efforts.

For the next couple of months, you can contact a member of the New York MGMA Team at the AMI Headquarters located in Timonium, Maryland. Peter, Maria and the AMI Team can be reached at 410.527.0780. Also during this time, please use our temporary email address


Sandra Cherinko
New York MGMA


A note from Peter...

We are excited to provide administrative and organizational support to the New York MGMA!

During this transition, New York MGMA will be served by two people - AMI Operations Coordinator, Maria Stavrides, and me. Together, we will work with the Board of Directors and the leaders of the local chapter affiliates to share our extensive amount of association management experience. Both of us are supported by a strong team of energetic and motivated specialists; each of whom will utilize their talents to help New York MGMA achieve its potential.

Members, sponsors and potential speakers are welcome to contact us with any questions or issues. We can be reached, during normal business hours, via email at or by phone 410.527.0780. 

We look forward to an outstanding year ahead,

Peter Constantinou
President and CEO
Association Matters, Inc.




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